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Sep 14, 2020

Like most things that don’t succeed, Marxism has had to shift its focus over the years.  Author and speaker Steve Turley ( is with us today to discuss how Marxism has shifted their focus from an economic one to a cultural one.  In order to take over the culture, there had to be a unity among disparate “oppressed” groups against a common enemy or “oppressor” group which was the white race.  Even when it has been proven that racism today is lower than it’s ever been in our country, the focus was then shifted to systemic racism.

Premium subscribers can listen to the rest of the interview, where Dr. Turley points out how political correctness has become so egregious that a blowback has occurred, so much so that kids in generation Z are way more conservative than their parents.  To combat this, Marxists have fallen back on what’s always worked for them – if you violate political correctness, they justify violence against you.

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